Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rudaali (1992)

Director : Kalpani Lajmi
Rating : 4 out of 5

Watching an art film is very different from commercial films, which is very hard to proceed whether you do not care the character performances. Art films most prominent different from commercial is the performances. In commercial ones, you just only care the star power and popularity, but in art film just the character’s performances.
I am simply not a fans of Dimple Kapadia , since I know her in commercial hits like “Bobby” and “Saagar” as exposing sex symbol. But when I watched , her National Award winning role in “Rudaali” I just amazing .
Her performances, her unspoken sorrows, her body languages everything she done is just amazing and I cannot express how she is natural in the movie.

Set in the small village at Rajasthan , unfortunate woman named , Shanichari ,her life struggle and the traitional culture of India is the main plot of movie . This film title “Rudaali” means professional woman weeper at funeral ceremony.

This film open age Shanichari make friend with aged professional weeper (Rudaali) and tell her life story. Shanichari cannot cry throughout her life. She was left by her own mother and bought by drunker to marry him. Property owner favored her, she was call to him as a savant, and they have afire. When her husband died in village festival by plaque, she has to borrow 50 rupees from land load for her husband funeral and her son served at the land load 15 years. When her son came back after his loan, they happily live together but the fortune turns again when her son marries prostitute. Shanichari quarrels with the couple and her son leave her. Now, lonely Shanichari now live togather with the old Rudaali. She suggests her to become a fellow Rudaali with her. However, the problem is that Shanichari can't weep.

Even when the old woman dies, Shanichari comes to know that she was her mother, Shanichari's tears come back to her eyes after long years and she becomes a famous Rudaali taking over her mother's profession.

This film has different storyline from others and many special facts like ; performances, setting in desert of Rajasthan and have very good songs. My favorite one is “Dil Hoom Hoom Gare”(My heart beats with fear) with very sad melody and sweet voice of “Lataji” .
For me, this is one of the saddest films I have watched , and Dimpleji gives one the best performances that come deeply to my heart.

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manorathan said...

a very touchin story line.. would love to see dis movie.. wil u post dis in youtube?

i recommend page 3 for u.. its one f ma fav movies apart frm chandni bar..
also try hazaaron khwahishen aisi