Friday, January 18, 2008

Anuranan (2006)

Director : Aniruddha Roy-Chowdhury
Rating : 2.5 out of 5

I usually enjoy watching Bengali films which are more arty forms than Hindi Masala. So such kind of expectation, I choose to watch “Anuranan” over my Vidya starring “Halla Bol” for this Friday.

Directed by debutant “Aniruddha Roy-Chowdhury”, this film explores the relationships of two married couples. Unlike Karan Johar’sKabhi Alvida Naa Khana”, this is not marital affair, pure relationships and the public brittle reaction on this relationship.

Architect Rahul (Rahul Bose) has a happy marriage with Nandita (Rituparna Sengupta) living in London. Their only unhappiness is that Nandiata could not get children. They move back to Calcutta for Ruhul’s project in Sikkim to build a resort.The couple meet Preeti (Raima Sen), unhappy wife of the man who is plugging in money for the project. The two couples have known each other for long and have a smooth relationship. Rahul and Raima become close friends and they share their feeling each other.

Being a nature lover Rahul suggests Preeti to take a trip to Kanchenjunga. The two spends a day there and next morning Preeti finds out Rahul’s dead form heart attack. This follows the bad situations of the remainders from the defects and public opinions on their relationship.
Having some bad points and un-necessaries setting, the delight of this film is the depicting resonance between people. For the performances, all casts done good jobs . Raima Sen is simply amazing; showing very expressive in her different moods and moments for different situations of her character. Other goods points are the heartbreaking films background music and the amazing scenery of the hill station in the mountains.

For conclusion, the film Anuranan is a pure film that penetrates the issues of humans relationships especially for relationship between a man and a woman need not necessarily be that of husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend. Watchable film for drama and art films lovers.

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hello.. i am a fan of ur videos in youtube.. waitin 4 u to post anuranan in youtube.. thnx for da prev movies..